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Michael Goebel
MOApp Software 
PO Box 11 25 · 49572 Ankum · Germany

Reseller/Payment Provider:
Apple & FastSpring


MOApp Software is primarily tailored to private households, freelancers, independent contractors and self-employed people. Today, it provides more than twenty software products for highly diverse segments. Not only do MOApp programs receive top-notch ratings from MacUpdate & Co, but they are also continuously highly recommended by Apple as a Staff Pick and Featured Download.


MOApp was brought to life by Michael. He has an unrelenting passion for crafting small-scale things with a super sleek, minimalist design. He believes that apps should be as easy-to-handle as possible and that they should always only focus on solving one job seamlessly. In the process, the task at hand must be resolved as efficiently as possible and ideally, users will not even need to read the instructions…